Parallel universe

I recently heard about ‘parallel universe’. Though I don’t know much about it, but I’m really interested in knowing whether someone exactly like me exists over there.

If anyone knows anything about it you are free to comment in this post.

Thank you.


Diary entry dated 10/02/2016

After all that happened,

I have decided

That I’ll have a new start.

Where I’ll be happy and not sad,

Where I’ll be lucky and not unlucky,

Where I’ll be fortunate,

Where I’ll not have any cause of sorrowfulness,

Where I can dream.

I have made certain promises too,

One of them is to not love anyone except my own self,

The second is to be truthful,

The third is to respect elders those who deserves,

To be confident and courageous,

Believe yourself,

Not to belief in the God.

It’s also important that I keep my promises,

I want to progress,

I will be the director to show that success comes after failures which should not be minded,

I will show that success runs after people if they have that power,

I will teach them to be self-dependent,

I will teach them that with our death our achievements do not die.

I will teach them to show that with our death we are regrown in people’s heart and mind.

I will teach them that our life must be an example for the fellow human beings.

Happy Women’s Day

Today is 8th march. Today is Women’s Day.


The day end to help Nations worldwide eliminate discrimination against women. It also focused on helping women gain full and equal participation in global development.


Now this one word represents a women. You can describe this word also as mother, sister and wife.

My opinion:-

I think that every day should be celebrated as women’s Day. Still now in many countries women are not given equal rights as men are given and I think they should be given those rights that is right to vote, right to choose their leader, right to choose their life partner and right to drive.

Over here I will like to take the example of my own country. In our country, every year we hear about 100 cases of molestation.

I believe that if every men starts to respect this ” she ” over then this number can decrease.

And at last but not the least happy women’s Day to all the amazing womens!!!!!


“She” is the future of the world. I have a request to all men please don’t hesitate if your wife gives birth to a girl child.

Thank you

Β© Soumili, poems and short story

Research work#1

For my project based on population and how much the countries are progressed,

I was searching for some useful information .

The results I got from one place was shocking.

The most progressed, smart country from every aspect including studies,jobs and technology is Singapore.

The average IQ of the population is 108 and that’s a quiet good number.

It is more developed than UK, US, JAPAN, CHINA.

Getting to know you

Originally posted in Laura Venturini.

New questions!! Here are the rules:

The β€œGetting to know you” challenge. Just copy and paste the rules and the questions listed below and tag at least two people to take the challenge. Use the β€œGetting to Know You” pic and pingback to this post. Easy!

  1. What is your favorite sports team?
  2. If you could meet any celebrity, who would you choose?
  3. Name a television series that you wish they would bring back with new episodes.
  4. What was your first concert?
  5. What overwhelms you?
  6. How different was your life a year ago?
  7. Where would you love to live?
  8. What do you wish your brain was better at doing?

My answers:-

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders
  2. Sridevi Kapoor (if she were alive)
  3. Love on the run
  4. In class II
  5. Nothing till date
  6. A year ago I was not a blogger.
  7. In the midst of green fields
  8. I wish I could easily forget and forgive the wrong doers.

Well where there are rules,we always have an option to break it.

So will I.

I’m not tagging anyone.