Research work#3

Everyone knows about ‘The Great wall of China’.

It is one of the seven wonders of the world.

But here’s the second ‘The Great wall’ and it is located in Rajasthan, India.

The name of second Great wall is Wall of Kumbhalkar.


Research work#1

For my project based on population and how much the countries are progressed,

I was searching for some useful information .

The results I got from one place was shocking.

The most progressed, smart country from every aspect including studies,jobs and technology is Singapore.

The average IQ of the population is 108 and that’s a quiet good number.

It is more developed than UK, US, JAPAN, CHINA.

Getting to know you

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New questions!! Here are the rules:

The β€œGetting to know you” challenge. Just copy and paste the rules and the questions listed below and tag at least two people to take the challenge. Use the β€œGetting to Know You” pic and pingback to this post. Easy!

  1. What is your favorite sports team?
  2. If you could meet any celebrity, who would you choose?
  3. Name a television series that you wish they would bring back with new episodes.
  4. What was your first concert?
  5. What overwhelms you?
  6. How different was your life a year ago?
  7. Where would you love to live?
  8. What do you wish your brain was better at doing?

My answers:-

  1. Kolkata Knight Riders
  2. Sridevi Kapoor (if she were alive)
  3. Love on the run
  4. In class II
  5. Nothing till date
  6. A year ago I was not a blogger.
  7. In the midst of green fields
  8. I wish I could easily forget and forgive the wrong doers.

Well where there are rules,we always have an option to break it.

So will I.

I’m not tagging anyone.



I thought that I won’t be publishing any posts on wordpress but it’s such a great news that I have to.

A great gift in the beginning of the new year.

Well it’s the result of the international science Olympiad. Today my maths result came out. In whole class 11 from our school I came second and I am too excited.

Yeah hu.

I never expected such a result.


This is the first time I’m publishing an article to wish someone a happy birthday.

I just want to tell you that thanks for all your support and help. Thanks for being there with me always whenever I needed you.

I have quite some memories with you. You taught me in school for two years. I still remember just before the prefinals you helped me in geography. And that in turn helped me to score good grades in exam.

When my selection was done and my name was not there you gave me the advice to meet with Principal ma’am and at last my name was included in the second list.

And still now I disturb you by telling all rubbish but you never got disturbed.
U write good poems.