On writing #1

Today I got a good lesson on how to improve my writing. Actually one of my friend is also a writer and he has reached another level in writing.

So he told me  that instead of describing  something good or bad describe what’s the good  or bad in it. For example, instead of writing the weather is nice write what makes it nice or what is nice in it.

As a writer, our job is not only to write but also to touch other’s heart. From today I will try to follow him and in the meanwhile I also thought to share his idea with all of you out there.

~ Soumili



Workshop in school

Our school conducts many workshop related to various topics. But one of the recent and most influencing workshop was on Addiction by one of the famous actor Bobby Chakroborty (Bobby da) .

Next year by this time we would be in college, so it was a type of precautions also.

Something about Bobby da:-

He has conducted this workshop about more than 300 venues. In schools and colleges, in and outside India. Initially he was an engineer but then he started as an actor.

Topics discussed in the workshop:-

The main reasons for addiction are experiment, curiosity, depression, frustration, etc..

Things that bring addiction are drugs, alcohols, soft and cold drinks, fruit juice.

The point he tried to explain was that the shopkeepers never force us to be addictive. Neither we can close the shop because government has given them the license.

Two main things he taught:-

The significance of HCF i.e. Health, career and family. And second, ‘ I am the king of my mind’.

We should never give other people the chance to tag us as animals. We should also learn to control ourselves. We should know our friends and then go to party with them.

It was an interactive workshop too and everyone out there paid attention. At last Bobby da asked question to the students and tested how much attention we paid.

I was one who gave the right answer and then Bobby da gifted us a beautiful shirt and we took several pictures.

It was a 2 hour workshop. I was so excited to know so many new things and I promised him to spread good vibes.




Quotes #1


“Love a person and the same person has hurt or insulted you??

Do something that that person falls for you, starts loving you, be with them as if u’ve forgiven them.

You will notice a sudden change in their behaviour. They’ll start feeling sorry for you and ‘ll be soft to you”.

It’s their heart and mind that’ll make them do this but it takes time. It’s the best way to revenge and it works.





‘Holi’ is my most favourite festival. It is celebrated in every part of India.

Well there are many stories related with this festival.

Some facts about Holi:-

  • Holi is the festival of colours.
  • Before the day of holi, ‘burir house’ is burnt.
  • It is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil.

This is ‘buri’.

This is buri’s house.

We took around a week to gather the dried trees, leaves.

And the people who lives in our locality, knows how to enjoy.


Sandwich has four layers,

Bread, Mayonnaise, chicken and salad.
A person playing holi also has layers on his face,
Colour, abir, washed face with water,
Again others come, sees clean face and again put colours.

Last but not the least,

HOLI HEYY😊🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨