Some facts about corona virus

Hii everyone… I’m Soumili and the last hour I joined the live chat of Priyanka Chopra with Dr. Maria and Dr. Tedros of WHO…

He told many facts which I’ll share. I have given you a proof in the form of screenshot above, so you have plenty of reason to believe me. Ok so here I’ll say what he has said and it’s very true and if possible please share with your near and dear ones ok so here I start…

  • This this virus is not air-borne…
  • Many countries did not take it seriously when the symptoms first arose and that’s why it’s spread to the others and many of them got affected and many died. So as we know the proverb, “Precaution is better than cure”, stay at home, be safe. Everyone is telling that.
  • So as per the doctor’s they said that it can take up to 12 months maximum to discovere the vaccine.
  • They listed the 5 do’s and made it in an abbreviated form and that is WEFDF.
  • They are in need of funds just to study about the virus and making of vaccine, so as a responsible citizen please donate some fund.
  • W- Wash your hands with hand wash and sanitize it properly for 20 seconds; E- When you sneeze cover your mouth with your elbows; F- very important it is related to respiratory gland as much as I heard cause that’s when I join the chat so important to cover your face with the mask; D- d stands for social distance saying which is very important for now, keep distance at least one metre with whomever you are; F- and the last feel is to feel your feelings, it’s very important whenever you feel that is something is wrong and have some of the symptoms please go and have a checkup isolation for 14 days which is very important so as to prevent spreading.

One more thing is that you should be very much clear with the concept of co-infection that is the same point of time you can be infected by two different pathogens that is bacteria and virus or virus and Virus. You can have influenza and corona together. Be very careful.

One more thing is that if suppose you are affected by corona, you have got treatment and have recovered, there is very less chance to get affected again.

Another thing is that fever is the most important symptoms of corona that is you cannot have corona without fever and if you have, then it’ll be a rare case,as stated by Dr Maria

And important is that if you are there in Instagram please follow insta account of WHO because they will be giving you updates and will be keeping you updated.

Thank you, that’s all for now cause that’s all I can remember cause I did not write anything down and all was stored in my brain before this much and Indian bloggers who is following me you must be knowing that Modi ji has declared lockdown for the next 21 days starting from today so again more 21 days of home quarantine and the exams left is postponed and it will happen.

At last my point of you is that maybe maybe, the World war 3 has started, it’s just like I feel ok it’s just that I I want to share my point of view and I don’t want to give you guys any negative vibes, it’s just my point of you. The World war 3 has started and it’s all about humanity verses a virus; humanity versus nature….


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Corona Virus

Corona Virus, probably the best and worst incident of human history in 21 centuries.

In the year of 2020, where we are so technically and scientifically advanced, it is taking months to discover the medicine(antidote). Of course, the scientists are doing their best. Hats off to all the scientists…

Nowadays Whatsapp is the most famous app for spreading fake news, so know the true facts.. And it is so shocking that people imagining it to be true shares (forwards) to others and it spreads so quickly..

See, this is the power of a 400-500 nm virus, all religion discrimination is gone. All forgotten. Now all the people know is that we should be together to defend the 400-500 nm virus as it has already killed so many and so many are infected rather affected..

Science is busy fighting the virus,

When it wins,

Religion will come out of no where and give all the glory to the God..


All I want to say is that, be like this always please… Be united….

রাস্তা কারো একার নয়/শুনেছি যে “কেউ কারো কে রাস্তা ছেড়ে দেয় না, যতদিন এই পৃথিবীতে গান থাকে, গানের মানুষ থাকে, স্বপ্ন থাকে।..”/কিন্তু এখনের জন্য ধর্ম বিজ্ঞানকে রাস্তা ছেড়ে দিয়েছে।

আমি নিজেই

Best time to get married… Lol😂😂 Just joking… Stay at home… Maintain distance… Be safe… Follow precautions… Take care of yourself… All the best… Together we can defend it…

And one more thing- something about 22nd march… Thank you to our political leader, Modi ji for making a new Indian history…

On 22, we all had #jantacurfew i.e., we had to stay back at home, no coming out of house, no vehicles, empty street and at 5pm we made a sound and there’s a science related to it though we all were told to clap and appreciate the hard work of nurses and doctors.

Well the science is- the virus gets destroyed in higher temperature, during and after sunset the temperature starts decreasing so if everybody makes sound of high frequency, the virus will get destroyed.

In the history of 60 years of CISCE and hundred years of state boards, first time the xams are postponed and reschedule for the virus…

Comment your views… And how you all doing during home quarantined.. This virus fulfilled our desires of having long vacation with our family keeping a distance, Netflix all day, binge watching, PUBG all day and whatever we wanted… For this reason, thank you corona…

And those who have to go out for their daily duty, kudos to all of you….

I don’t have any grudge against religion but I’m against this discrimination. For me the most important thing is that they are humans too and are just like us in every sphere…

#proud2bindian #proud2bbong #appreciateeveyone’swork

Corona go, GO CORONA

Thank you…


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Happy Women’s Day

As you all know I’m very busy now because I am giving the final examinations of school life but the significance of today cannot keep me away from WordPress. Read the whole post.

As I have said earlier , everyday should be celebrated as women’s day not only today….

Today is International Women’s Day. I already wrote a post on today, last year. U can read it here ➡️

Happy women’s day to all the women’s out there be it young, teenage, adult, middle-age or senior citizen.
Every women has a distinct life story, which will make us cry, laugh and will also make us feel proud at some point.
Everyone knows the life of a famous woman but no one knows the life of an ordinary woman staying in a slum or a village or a town or even a city.

Everyone takes motivation from the life of someone special but you can also get motivation from the life of a ordinary woman.

This time I’m trying to do something different. Like I’ll not copy and paste information from Wikipedia but share with you the life of a ordinary woman whom I know. Okay so here it starts-

I hope I can do it.

Now she is in her late seventies and she is not as strong as she was earlier.

With increase in age our power and strength decreases but not the will.


She had two daughters. She had to stitch clothes of different materials for a living. Her husband stayed in Kolkata due to job purpose. The house she stayed has one room each in two floors. In the morning, she went to different houses to sell what she has made. At afternoon, she stitched the clothes as per the orders she got. At night, she taught her daughters. This was her daily routine for twenty years, her daughters have established themselves quite well in their respective fields now she is a grandmom of two young boys.

You may have a question why I didn’t take any name in the story. Well you may have, it’s not wrong but let me tell you it’s not the story of a single lady but of many ladies staying away from their husbands, struggling day and night just to bring up their children.



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Must read #1


This word is not only used to describe the feelings of a boy or a girl towards a girl or a boy. It can also be used to describe the affections between parents and their children, two friends, student and teacher. Anyone can love anyone. Love is a four-letter word which has no limit.

Perhaps, people of twenty first century still make a mistake of identifying this feeling. We are modern from the aspect of technologies, sciences and machines but not from the aspect of people’s mind.

(I’m not talking about people whom I don’t know but about those whom I know and have met.)


Not only that, we have forgot the correct usage of words and the best examples are “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Here boy and girl only refers to the gender.

So any friend can be your girlfriend and boyfriend, do not hesitate to call your classmate as girlfriend and boyfriend.

A girl having girlfriend is not a lesbian and a boy having a boyfriend does not mean he’s a gay.


People seeing two friends of different gender other than in school and tuitions spread rumours. Is it always necessary that they’re in love? No they can be friends too… Have you ever thought in that way?

And even if they are in love why they need to hide from the so-called “society”?

A girl can have more boy friends than girl friends. You have no right to say anything about their characters.

People are given the right to speak out, to share their opinions but not the right to misuse their rights…

Please change the way of your thinking, believing and seeing things and learn to see situations in different view.

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Rubal suggested to write me about a scene where the weather is nice and describe the actions of character.So I wrote a story as per him. And this is the shortest story one can ever write.

The weather was nice. Two friends went out together to spend some time with each other. They stopped at a place. It was full of trees. The place was calm.They sat on the grasses. They started discussing about their life routines.Two friends were Adil and Ramy. They are in love with each other and the love between them is selfless, they shared everything with each other.

That day Adil thought to propose Ramy and took a ring with him. Ramy was an orphan and both were there in their late twenties and worked in a separate place. Whereas Adil is a heir of a rich family.Ramy accepted the proposal. They got married and lived a happy life.

Adil never let Ramy feel that she’s alone. Adil did whatever was possible for him. He always kept her secure. And was never possessive towards her because he can expect at least this much from her.