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This word is not only used to describe the feelings of a boy or a girl towards a girl or a boy. It can also be used to describe the affections between parents and their children, two friends, student and teacher. Anyone can love anyone. Love is a four-letter word which has no limit.

Perhaps, people of twenty first century still make a mistake of identifying this feeling. We are modern from the aspect of technologies, sciences and machines but not from the aspect of people’s mind.

(I’m not talking about people whom I don’t know but about those whom I know and have met.)


Not only that, we have forgot the correct usage of words and the best examples are “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”. Here boy and girl only refers to the gender.

So any friend can be your girlfriend and boyfriend, do not hesitate to call your classmate as girlfriend and boyfriend.

A girl having girlfriend is not a lesbian and a boy having a boyfriend does not mean he’s a gay.


People seeing two friends of different gender other than in school and tuitions spread rumours. Is it always necessary that they’re in love? No they can be friends too… Have you ever thought in that way?

And even if they are in love why they need to hide from the so-called “society”?

A girl can have more boy friends than girl friends. You have no right to say anything about their characters.

People are given the right to speak out, to share their opinions but not the right to misuse their rights…

Please change the way of your thinking, believing and seeing things and learn to see situations in different view.

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I’M BACK !!!

Hii there! I’m back again in WordPress but this time just for a week. With so much pressure of the subjects, I’m tired. I thought to relax and give my brain rest for a week.

Moreover, I cannot wait for months to be active again so I came back just to read what others wrote as I got thousands of mails from the sites I follow.

Though my first set of xams are completed and for the second set of xams to start two more months are left. So I’m free now.

Meanwhile, I will also be posting what I have written during these months.

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I’m in 12th standard. The results of the final exams will decide my future. Only five months are left. So I need to work hard. I need to concentrate on my exams. So I’m uninstalling WordPress for these few months……………

I feel so sad that I cannot celebrate the completion of the first year in WordPress and my first birthday as a blogger……..

I’ll be active once my exams are over. Till then Goodbye………

~ Soumili

Poems and short story


Rubal suggested to write me about a scene where the weather is nice and describe the actions of character.So I wrote a story as per him. And this is the shortest story one can ever write.

The weather was nice. Two friends went out together to spend some time with each other. They stopped at a place. It was full of trees. The place was calm.They sat on the grasses. They started discussing about their life routines.Two friends were Adil and Ramy. They are in love with each other and the love between them is selfless, they shared everything with each other.

That day Adil thought to propose Ramy and took a ring with him. Ramy was an orphan and both were there in their late twenties and worked in a separate place. Whereas Adil is a heir of a rich family.Ramy accepted the proposal. They got married and lived a happy life.

Adil never let Ramy feel that she’s alone. Adil did whatever was possible for him. He always kept her secure. And was never possessive towards her because he can expect at least this much from her.

Teacher’s Day👩‍🏫👩‍🏫👩‍🏫

In our school Teacher’s day is celebrated on 4th September. Since our results weren’t up to the mark, so we were not allowed to celebrate this special occasion.

September 5 is a holiday for us, only the prefects are called to perform songs for the teachers and monitors to watch. The monitors won’t come so I wanted to come in their place.

So after everyone went two monitors and I told her everything.Luckily I got the best class teacher this year and I thank her for her words.(Well I don’t want to take her name). She said-

“Stay back at home. Why to come and waste time? Study well, rock your boards, pass with flying colours and learn to respect others.

Whenever you meet me at the road just be their with a smile. I’ll get my gift.”

I could not control my emotion, tears rolled down my cheeks😭😭. I replied,

I’ll be there to smile always and surely return to school to meet you ma’am.

This year’s Teacher’s Day will be a memorable one. After a year no one will stay but memories.😢😢😢

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers of WordPress family.

~ Soumili

Poems and short story

Research work #4

Ahhh…. After so many days I am publishing the sequence of Research work.I was watching a video and I got an interesting fact and information which I thought I should share with you all…

6 Things That Can Be Seen From Space

1. Heart-shaped Lake, USA

2. Largest potrait, Turkey

3. Largest fingerprint, Great Britain

4. Guitar-shaped forest

5. Uffington White horse, Great Britain

6. Alton Barnes White Horse

7. A lake like a person lying on ground, Brazil

You can also watch the video.Link is provided below 👇👇👇

~ SoumiliPoems and short story